When you google the term “Urzeitcode”, which is German for ~ ancient time’s code, you will find a book about someone who found out that organisms that grow in an electrostatical field sometimes grow faster, change their phenotypes and go back in evolution. (Ancient, turned-off genes are said to be revived)

Or check out this video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmH5eyo3GiI , although in German).

I was not sure, what I should think about it.

So I simply tried it out. A friend of mine gave me a transformator (from a device for shocking people when touching their hand) and told me to build a cascade and atach it to it. The transformator makes some 1000volts (probably a bit more) out of 9V source, and the cascade makes 4000Volts DC out of that. Between the electrodes, some 4-5 cm are left space. That’s where the seemen come’s into.

Firstly, I attached it to a battery without seemen to test it, but the battery was empty after two days. Then I took a net-voltage transformator with 9V and soldered it to the device.

So i put seeds of grapes into the device, put some water on it. I also made a control culture which i threated the same way, but without the field.

After 8 days I took them out, and there was mould on the e-field seemen. Didn’t care too much and put both of them into soil.

It didn’t grow for weeks and finally I forgot them on the balcony. Some days ago, I noticed there had been some growth.

And guess, what culture had grown faster!

Alright, it was the E-field ones.


In total, out of 7 seemen, 4 have grown in the e-field and 3 in the control culture.

They are still on my balcony, and now I wait and see if they develop phenotypic changes.  E.g. such as thorns, spines, or prickles. Or something similar or different. 😉