So, my first transformation is done, after all.

In short, I inserted the genes for bioluminescence (of a marine bacterium) into E. Coli @university.

If you want to learn more about transformation, google “heat shock transformation”. There is plenty to find on google. And make sure to check out “How to do a pGLO Transformation”  (by ) on youtube. It clearly shows the mechanism of DNA uptake using plasmids.


I once re-streaked a frozen culture on very fresh LB-amp plates. It was amazing! One could see the glowing in a not-very-dark room, even though the streetlights was shining in. Probably because the ampicillin worked better, and because the inoculated bacteria were from a luminescent colony, there were much more bacteria carrying the plasmids than from the first “generation”  –  thus glowing way brighter.