Glowing mushrooms are not as cool as glowing plants.

But mother nature has provided us with them. I bought a set of mycelium from a webshop called “Waldviertler Pilzgarten” (German for ~ Mushroom garden of the Waldviertel).This species also grows in Europe, but just the American strains glow.

You get a kind of marmelade glass jar (with an air filther to make them get fresh air)  and inside this there are wood dowels that are overgrown with P.stipticus mycelium.

You take cutten pieces of wood trunk (20cm in diameter, 0.25m long) and drill holes into it. Then you put the dowels into it and seal it with wax. After some time (it is said several month to one year) the mycelium will have occupied the whole trunk and then the mushrooms will grow. The mushrooms are said to be so bright that you could read a newspaper sitting next to it.

I also filled one marmelade jar (with some cotton fibre in a hole in the cap for fresh air) with wood powder, added some water and put it into the pressure cooker for 20 Minutes. So it should be sterile. And then threw in one dowel to get a kind of control culture. Another dowel was put on agar in a jar, but after some time it was to see that it got contaminated anyhow.