After getting a protocol from the DIY bio mailing list how to do a miniprep without EDTA* mostly using home chemicals ( ) I try to get Diatomaceous Earth.

It would be really cool to be able to kind of ‘produce’ my own plasmid solutions. For always having some in stock. And for trying to transform bacteria other than E.Coli, without having to buy new plasmids (9$ plasmid costs + 35$ shipping from US).

*(In former times EDTA was used for developing photos from negatives (film strips).  Technically, you can order EDTA for those purposes on the web. But, like always, shipment costs are quite high compared to the value of the substances.  I still regret one day at university we did a titration with EDTA and then disposed of it. Should have taken it at home, would have been free… 50-100 mL from each group (7 groups) would have been a lot of stuff to me)



EDIT: Did a miniprep at university using only those chemicals I got. Yield was ~276 ng/uL, and 260:280 was also a fair value.