Wouldn’t it be awsome to walk in a park in the late evening, under bioluminescent trees? Or have a bonsai in your room that glows? I just adore bioluminescence, especially in plants!!

At the moment I’m rewriting the lux genes of a bacterium to make them fit in a plant.

The biggest burden, however, is money. Having the DNA synthesized will cost around 3200-3500 Dollars (depending on promoter lenght and price per base pair). Don’t forget the costs of an agrobacterium strain including plasmids (60$) and the restriction enzyme (either for free from university, or 57$ per 5000 units, no smaller package available). But all in all, these costs are neglible.

EDIT: Restriction enzymes will not be needed at all, because the company will be ordered to clone the synthesized gene into a Ti-plasmid.


So I’ll just be designing the gene sequence, and while doing so looking for a way to get it funded anyhow. Maybe there’s a science competition, a prize, etc.  I think kickstarter.com is just for US citizens… Have to look closely at that again…

It surely can be realized, because plants can produce any enzyme needed and the aldehydes.

What’s your opinion on glowing trees? Feel free to email me/ leave a comment.