As its name says, DIY-Spartan-Biotech is  about doing biology with very little. For english speakers it may not be totally clear… Mr Makeshift may sound better for natives. In German a “spartan chandelier” is just a lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. ~Do as much as you can with the little resources you have.

I was born a biologist, later I recognized also Chemistry and Physics are very interesting.  Until recently, say around 2011, biology ment for me to classify animal and plants and discover new stuff. And how to make e.g. food production more efficient. My former biology teacher told us, the 19th century was the century of physics, the 20th century that of chemistry, and this one is about biology. I thought he exaggerated a bit.

But I came across DIY Bio and I was very impressed what you can do with very little: You can even engineer the genes of bacteria (and plants and mammals, of course, too) in your kitchen (if this is legal in your contry).  For that purpose, I asked a professor of mine whether I could use  our universitie’s biology lab for some amazing stuff. He agreed, and thus, so far I’ve done a sucessful transformation of E.Coli.

Some of my goals include:

Making a plant that glows in the dark, produce biodiesel with bacteria (as seen on the web with “pMicrodiesel”), …. And most important of all: learn new stuff and have fun!!

If you have comments or questions, don’t hesitate to send them to stuermer.bio@hotmail.com

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